How to improve your focus?

Maybe you’re familiar with this… starting a new task and suddenly you‘re stuck in mind wandering. The unintentional, spontaneous wandering of your thoughts.

The result?

Nothing gets done, it takes double or the triple amount of time as it should.

Understanding how our brain works is of vital importance here.

About 95% of the day your mind is busy with subconscious, habitual programs. Mind wandering is your brains default mode. You just have to accept that.

A wandering mind is also an unhappy mind. 
Zoning out makes you unhappy.

Your brain loves focus.

Focus means being IN the zone. It’s a mental state of operation in which a person is performing an activity. Fully immersed, involved, energized and enjoying the process of the activity.

When you’re focussed, you forget space and time.

How do you improve your focus?

By stripping away the unnecessary until you reach the essential.

Minimalism is making space in your head.

Define your needle movers. Choose the task with the highest value.

To work with optimal focus, stick to ONE task until it’s completely finished. If you’re working on three or five or ten tasks a day, you’re ineffective and your success rates go down rapidly.

The best tool to start with? I love this one: ULTRAWORKING

Need some help to find the task with the most value in your business?

Just send me a message with the word ESSENCE. We’ll create your minimalistic roadmap with a powerful action plan to strip of the fluff stuff.

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