Powerfull Thoughts

When it feels like you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere

For years, i struggled and struggled… trying to figure out what made me different.
But that wasn’t the worst part… How could i harness my own authenticity, when i didn’t even have a clue who i was.
Can’t you see it, Diana?
You already have what others are still looking for…
Nope. Nothing. I didn’t see it. No matter how hard i tried.
I spent a lot of my life feeling like an outsider. I had this very different approach of expressing things. I saw the world differently than most people.
As a little girl, i talked about different things than “normal” children do. I often insulted people because i pointed out things to them they had not seen themselves. When everyone went left, i for sure was going in the opposite direction.
I could spot trends before anyone noticed them. And i knew exactly how to stand out from the crowd.
But nobody listened.
My way of thinking just didn’t fit in.
I didn’t fit into this society.
As i got older things didn’t improve…
Maybe “this kind of thinking” will just go away, it’ll grow out. It has to.
Except, it didn’t.
My special point of view stayed the same and sticked to me like a buddy, like a real strong glue.
My teenager years became exhausting and i often had this feeling i am from Mars and all those around me were from Pluto.
The hardest part?
I still couldn’t explain why i see things so differently, in a way like no one else does.
Over the years i just accepted it.
I became quiet, mainstream, a people pleaser, trying to be like everyone else, and for sure keeping my powerful thoughts to myself.
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Not speaking your truth is giving away your authentic power and it will eventually drain you physically but for sure emotionally.
If you’re accepting something that you’re not, like i did… you’ll find yourself day in day out locked in a cave. Stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’ll become an isolating experience… being afraid of what others will think or might criticize.
There’s only one way out… being OK with being different.
My unique gift is to help you see what’s possible for you in ways you cannot see on your own.
My brain works like a giant chessboard.
I’ve got a matrix mindset.
It’s structured in a completely different way from most other people.
Only 0.8% of women worldwide think like me. Men only about 1%.
Matrix Thinkers are visionary problem-solvers. Famous Matrix Thinkers include Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Innovators who changed history.
We’re thinkers.
We’re always busy thinking.
We think 1000x harder than most people do about problems of humankind and how making this world a better place.
Our brains allows us to see connections between seemingly divergent aspects of life and in business. We can solve the most complex problems in creative ways hardly anybody can. We’re concerned about delivering solutions that work, that give measurable results.
So what’s my point?
Everyone on this planet has a unique gift because there’s only one you in the entire universe.
If you haven’t found your gift.. go on a journey to find your true self.
If you found your gift, use it.
Don’t wait and waste years like i did.
Be OK with being different!
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