The power of focus

One of the hardest parts of growing your e-commerce biz is focus. But it’s not as hard as most people think. It just feels that way because most of the advice out there is dead wrong.
Take Carine. When we first met, she was implementing her new YouTube channel after pouring in countless hours learning how to start this successfully.
She had done what everyone told her to do.
She put in every free second she had, hustling to get all the different channels managed. She was showing up every day in her Facebook group, posting regularly on Instagram and Pinterest. She created videos and she was trying to boost sales with google Adwords.
But for all that, she did not have an e-commerce growth framework. She was blindly jumping into one marketing platform after another and hoping for more traffic.
The problem is, she was focused on too many channels, when she should have focused on just one.
So when we started working together, the first thing we did was put together a very uncommon growth strategy, the 3F-Method.
See, the truth is, as you grow your biz, adding more platforms will create more problems.
A mistake many e-commerce owners make is focusing on too many things at the same time. They simply spread their attention and cash resources way too thin.
Most e-commerce strategies fail, because coaches are offering solutions that are too complex and overwhelming.
The reality is, one channel should be more than enough to get you to the 1-2 Million a year mark.
Getting constant sales, optimizing one channel and actively working on increasing the average order value and maximizing the purchase frequency.
But you have to know how to get there.
The result?
After 3 months, Carine built 2 strategic frameworks. One efficient channel for traffic acquisition and one channel for customer retention, allowing her to maximize value and having constant sales.
She easily adds an additional 38% of monthly revenue without any marketing expenses – even in these uncertain times with COVID19. And on top of that, she now has a VIP waiting list of clients that’ll book out her next big event 2021,
Better yet, she’s built an email list of 8,762 people, allowing her to grow her audience daily, all without posting constantly on social media and chasing down new channels.
Stay focussed
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