When numbers, metrics and data make you cry in the shower…

I know what you’re thinking… Uh-oh, not again this numbers topic.
Numbers are boring right?
Let me tell you something…
Not only creative entrepreneurs, but many people panic when they have to deal with metrics and numbers. Even a third of Americans surveyed said, they’d rather clean the bathroom than try to solve a math problem.
But what most entrepreneurs don’t realize – when talking about numbers – it comes down to one simple thing: Mindset.
US psychology professor Carol Dweck came up with the idea of the mindset theory. She realized that people can be categorized into two groups.
Those who believe they are bad at something and cannot change, have a so-called fixed mindset. People who believe their abilities can change and improve over time with effort and practice have a growth mindset.
The way you think, either with a fixed or growth mindset, has a huge impact on your business.
When you move through your day-to-day life, what are the stories you’re telling yourself about numbers?
How often do you think:
“I’m not a numbers person”
“I just hate numbers”
“I’m not good at… i shouldn’t even bother trying”
That’s the fixed mindset approach.
Thinking you are born with certain skills. In other words, that you either have these skills, qualities, talents, intelligence or you don’t and there’s nothing you can do to change that.
Avoiding numbers because you’re not good at it, is where many e-commerce biz owners run into trouble because it could mean the difference between going belly up, or thriving for years to come.
Negative thoughts about numbers, metrics and data… that are subconsciously stuck on replay in your mind, will always keep you from moving forward.
They’ll keep you safe not to take action.
They’ll keep you inside the doubt spiral.
They’ll also keep you struggling inside the hamster-wheel, staying pretty much in the same spot quarter after quarter, year after year.
So what’s the solution?
Here’s the big secret: Everyone can move from a fixed to a growth mindset. Everyone. Because our brain has the ability to grow. It has a lifelong capacity to change and rewire itself.
For me this is absolutely fascinating and truly inspires me. A lifelong capacity… just imagine.
I’m not saying that it’ll be easy, but you can.
Now, here’s the interesting part…
There are multiple methods stepping into your growth mindset and solve the “i hate numbers” problem.
Most important: Understand that your brain works like a muscle and it can be trained. But you’ll have to take baby steps, and when i say baby steps, i mean really really tiny baby steps.
Here are three ways to practice:
1) Learn to hear your fixed mindset voice, pay attention to your words and thoughts. Listen to what you’re thinking and recognize that you’ll always have a choice.
2) Growth comes from forcing your brain to think differently. You just have to ask different questions. What’s the most fun way to do this? What does the simplest version of this plan look like? How would i accomplish this in only 30 minutes? And don’t worry… your brain will come up with the answers.
3) Reflect on your practice. We all learn by doing, but we learn even more by doing and reflecting. Our experiences, successes, trials and errors are our best teachers for growth.
You can work with the typical reflection questions like “What worked, what didn’t?” or “What am i going to stop, start, continue doing”.
I’d love to encourage you to try something different.
Where did you settle this week?
What skills or talents did you not use this week?
What have you been avoiding out of fear?
What does your business want that you’re not currently giving it?
A growth mindset is not some kind of magic stuff… it’s just simply the belief that your abilities can be developed and improved at any time.
With a growth mindset you can break through the stuck-ness and accomplish the unexpected.
So, now sit back and imagine the life you want to live, challenge yourself and don’t feel so flipping intimidated about your numbers, your metrics and your data.
Numbers are nothing more than supporting actors telling you a message.
Numbers are here to support your ideas.
Numbers are your backup.
They’re here to give you more clarity and help you feel safe to take the next step.
Embracing your numbers and being empowered by them is how you turn the vision in your mind into the reality you get to live in.
Talk soon
Want to talk numbers?
I’ll help you see the story your data is telling you, in a way that inspires and excites you.
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